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Common questions about chiropractor and chiropractic services



Question 1: Do I have to continue coming to the Chiropractor once I go once?

Many people come in once and their problem gets resolved, sometimes it can take 4-6 adjustments to resolve a more chronic problem. 

Dr. Noah Swanson encourages his patients to come in once a month for maintenance and prevention of pain and disorders.  "A body in motion stays in motion" and Chiropractic is healthy motion in your spine where you need it.  Often you cant feel where there is poor motion until there is pain then it will take more adjustments to resolve. Monthly adjustments keep your body in motion and helps prevent pain down the road! 


Question 2: Is it healthy to crack my neck or back without a chiropractor?

You should not crack your neck or back on your own.  If you crack your neck or back on your own you risk grinding bones together which is what chiropractic adjustments avoid.  It is important to have an experienced Chiropractor adjust you correctly.  They know where, in what direction, and at what depth and speed to adjust you in order for your body to respond positively.   


Question 3: Are chiropractic adjustments just for adults?

On the contrary,  newborns, infants, children, seniors and even back surgery patients can benefit from adjustments. Adjustments are tailored to your size, age, and particular health issue.


Question 4: How do patients feel after an adjustment?

Most patients report a sense of well-being and ease. After all, if adjustments weren’t pleasant, our patients wouldn’t return for the multiple visits needed to retrain their spine! 


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