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Foundation Training 

Improper movements are responsible for neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, hip and back pain, muscle weakness, chronic injuries, and inability to do the activities you love.  Foundation Training was created by Eric Goodman D.C..  Dr. Goodman himself suffered from low back pain, and successfully rescued himself from that pain by developing Foundation Training. His dedicated team of trainers and anatomy professionals, have developed a way to save our bodies from the strain of improper movement patterns to which many are prone. Foundation Training is a series of exercises based on integrated muscular chains of the body.  All ages and levels of fitness can benefit from Foundation Training.  


Jenny Swanson and Dr. Swanson are Certified Foundation level 1 instructors


For more information on Foundation Training see Dr. Eric Goodman’s TED Talk, and discussion with Dr. Mercola.  The talk will blow your mind!






The exercises focus on the posterior chain of muscles, which are meant to be core and spine stabilizers. Besides strengthening your large muscular groups, Foundation created breathing techniques to decompress your spine while performing those specific exercises, further helping you support your body out of the pains of gravity on your joints.



Once you begin to move properly you will engage more muscles in every step you take, sport you play, and whatever else you love to do. Foundation Training doesn’t have to be hours of exercise every week, or be expensive. It’s designed so that if you’re a busy person it can be apart of your day once you learn the basics. Foundation workouts can be as little at 6 minutes long or an hour long. 



You can do it while you brush your teeth, playing with your kids, wash your car, work on the job, daily exercise workouts, weight lifting, stuck at your desk all day at work… its endless when and where you’ll be able to incorporate your Foundation. Build your Foundation first, and learn how to move your body better! We look forward to training with you and helping you to become a stronger person who can learn to care for their body so that doctors don’t have to for you.

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