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  Jenny H. Swanson

Credentials and background


- Certified Yoga Teacher

-ACE certified personal trainer 

- Recreational management and Nutrition at AHC

- Kinesiology and Wellness at CSUMB

- Recreational Therapy at CSUEB

- Swim coach, lifeguard and lesson instructor 

- Health and supplement consultant 

- Foundation Training Instructor 

- Chiropractic Assistant 













Jenny Swanson swam competitively for 10 years including playing water polo. During her time in water polo she struggled with shoulder and knee injuries. The help she sought for her injuries introduced her to a world of physical rehabilitation. As a result, she acquired an interest in human biomechanics, anatomy and finally Chirporactic. Chiropractic, for Jenny, was the missing piece which solved the puzzle of her injuries. Upon discovering the answer to her injuries, her journey with Chiropractic took off.

Like Dr. Noah Swanson, Jenny is eager to be part of your journey towards a healthy body.  Towards that end, Jenny excels in customer service as a certified chiropractic assistant, Foundation trainer and is an all around resource in diet, recreational therapy, and kinesiology.

Jenny is excited to be a part of your health and happiness and welcomes you to the Solvang Chiropractic Center.


Jenny’s Hobbies: 

In Jenny’s spare time she enjoys recreational activities, dubbing herself a “recreational junkie.”  These recreational activities include surfing, swimming, hiking, and Yoga.  Jenny also enjoys making art works. 



 Dr. Noah Swanson 

Credentials and background


 - Undergraduate studies in Human Biology at CCCLA

 - Doctorate in Chiropractic at SCUHS

 - Foundation Training instructor 













Noah’s journey with Chiropractic started at a young age. 

When Noah was 12 years old he fell from a loft and injured his cervical spine. His father took him to a chiropractor who gently adjusted his spine. To his excitement and relief, his body was healed! From that point on his fascination with chiroporactic has never ceased.  

Dr. Frank Meyer, a well-known and respected retired chiropractor of 70 years at age 90, noticed Noah’s fascination with chiropractic and took Noah under his wing.  The wisdom and guidance Dr. Meyer imparted to Noah was and is a crucial influence in Noah’s journey through chiropractic.  

As a result of Noah’s innate fascination with chiropractic and Dr. Meyer’s encouragement, he embarked with pleasure and enthusiasm on the long haul of education required to become a chiropractor.  All the while he had this simple goal in mind: to heal people.

Noah’s journey with Chiropractic leading up to and following his licensure as a doctor of Chiropractic confirmed for him the importance of cultivating, guiding, and encouraging others towards a healthy body.  

Let Noah be a part of your own journey towards a healthy body and come to Solvang Chiropractic Center.  We are excited to have you!


Noah’s Hobbies: 

Outside the Chiropractic office Noah enjoys an eclectic blend of surfing (hence the wave logo on our Solvang Chiropractic Center sign), playing music and working on custom cars.



Solvang Chiropractic Center 
650 Alamo Pintado Suite 303 Solvang CA 93463

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